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I’m no different to anyone else when it comes to Camp Beagle; As I’m only 5 minutes drive from the actual camp itself, this combined with being self-employed, it allows me to be at Camp virtually whenever I want notably when the workers arrive in the morning and when the workers depart late afternoon.


I always say I am no better or no less that someone who, for example, ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ a post of Facebook, talks to a fellow customer in a coffee shop about Camp Beagle or even signs our petition – we all have a vital part to play in the demise of MBR Acres. It is a simple as that….

As I tend to be a regular figure at Camp I can easily pick up the ‘mood’ of the Camp Beagle Residents who, in my opinion, are the unsung heroes of the campaign. Some moods are easily identified, e.g. when the Death Vans depart full of a cargo of screaming puppies, other times it’s a chat, other times it is a case of picking up messages on various Camp Beagle Whatsapp or Signal groups.

What I have noticed over the past month or so are vicious rumours and scaremongering that there is a massive divide or dis-harmony at Camp Beagle – visitors are being made unwelcome, camp is being run like a ‘hippy commune’ and full of residents maintaining a ‘different’ lifestyle whilst being funded by much needed and valued donations.

Can I please be allowed to use this blog, or some I am sure will call it a Rant, to confirm categorically that these allegations could not be further from the truth.

Whilst I admit that I am not the greatest fan of social media I can see that this medium has numerous benefits for spreading the word of Camp Beagle.

What I cannot understand is when so called ‘Camp Beagle supporters’ use this vital platform to openly criticise Camp Beagle from the comfort of their own homes behind a keyboard and who probably haven’t been within a 50 mile radius of camp itself.

Why do it? Ego? Spite? Jealousy?  the list could go on and on.

For me the physical Camp Beagle is the focal point of the campaign. Our valued and much appreciated supporters see it as the focal point in which all other activities radiate.

Imagine if Camp Beagle wasn’t physically outside the gates of MBR Acres.

– Would live streams be as effective if they were filmed miles away from Camp?

– Would the undercover footage of the reality of the puppies be achieved without a presence?

– Would MBR have any trouble in recruiting staff if it weren’t for the ‘welcomes’ the staff receive from Camp residents and visitors twice a day?

– Would MBR really have to meticulously plan the arrival and departure of the death vans if Camp Beagle wasn’t there? (Remember before Camp Beagle MBR shipped out to order – no problem)

– Would MBR have spent millions of pounds trying to get rid of camp through the highest court in the land? Indeed would they even of spent a small fraction to this is closing down social media posts which didnt put them in a ‘good light?’

– Would information gathered by camp members on daily basis by using the invaluable Drones be as good as gathering it remotely or by hearsay?

This list could go on but I am sure that you may have gathered I am a strong and passionate believer that there MUST be a physical presence of Camp Beagle outside of MBR.

In addition the vital campaign MUST be run from Camp itself not from behind a keyboard,  not from a corporate office in East Anglia (for example) and certainly not run by so-called supporters who, in my opinion, have hidden agendas.

Why try to fix something that is clearly not broken?

So it’s time for a change. Let’s go back to basics.

We are a grassroots operation, no more or no less, that has become a major thorn in the side of MBR for over 14 months whilst simultaneously raising the once taboo subject of vivisection to the mainstream media whilst telling the world the plight of the MBR beagles.

All done with the vital physical presence outside the gates of hell.

Things will change – I would urge you to watch this space

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