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147 Media – ‘The Small Publishing Company with Big Ideas’

147 Media Ltd is media publishing company based just outside of the University City of Cambridge and was launched in October 1999 to publish contact-centres; originally in printed format we subsequently went’ digital’ in May 2005 both with the strap line ‘everything contact centres’.

Experience of publishing both online and in print format confirmed that the fastest way to get up to date news and information to our subscribers was to concentrate solely on the website – which we did.

Using this philosophy we aim to bring our subscribers the most up to date news and information from the contact centre industry; to achieve this we have built a network of contacts within contact centres, PR and marketing agencies.

Whilst every effort is made to achieve this on some occasions we do miss things! Should you wish to contribute to this website please email

Perry Sanger – Publisher

Having worked in senior managerial positions in B2B publishing for the likes of Emap, on FHM, Reed Business Information and Royal Society of Chemistry (to name but a few) you could say that he has been there – done that – and probably has a selection of T shirts.

Perry is the driving force behind 147 Media (or so he says…) and is both the Publisher and Editor of 147 Media’s flagship product, www.contact-centres.com.

For those of you who have been in the contact centre industry as long as Perry may recall him being Commercial Director of a certain now defunked call centre magazine which he left in 2001 to launch contact-centres.com – the rest, so they say, is history!

West-Ham-United-Logolikes.image.2015Real Ale, Jagerbombs, 80s music, Audis, working in an office full of women, West Ham United, West Ham United and West Ham United. (he’s a season ticket holder and watches them Home and Away each week much to the disgust of his Wife!)

dislikes.image.2015Editorial Copy received that needs editing, people who spell ‘centre’ the American way, PR Companies who think that their Client produces the best widget in the world, Working Friday afternoons*, cold coffee, clowns, spiders, when West Ham United lose and Spurs Supporters!

Perry can be contacted by way or Email

Christine Hancock – Managing Director

Having a degree in Business Studies Christine ensures that things are done to her precise and exacting high standards.

She is passionate about anything contact centres which you could say is very handy especially as we publish a website about them!

Don’t be fooled by her blonde hair and good looks as she has a habit of raising her voice when she doesn’t get her way even to valued clients!

likes.image.2015Dog walking, watching Airplane the Movie and Naked Gun DVDs (or anything starring Leslie Nielsen), Travel, socialising, eBay, Mexican food, Decorating her house, Red Wine, Social media, Shoes, shopping, shopping and shopping.

dislikes.image.2015 Rude people, unhelpful and lazy people, Working Friday afternoons*, cold coffee cups in the office, having to wait for anything, dirty shoes, Rap music, doing presentations, when computers crash, untidy desks. (Mostly Perry’s) and Spiders.

Christine be contacted by way or Email

Kim Maple – Accounts Manager

Kim ensures that our accounts are up to date; God forbid you put in an expense claim on the wrong form and without the attached VAT receipt or submit an invoice without a Purchase Order number.

She she looks after the diary of Publisher ensuring that he is in the right place at he right time – well nearly!

likes.image.2015Renovating houses, cycling, fine red Italian Wine, having fun with her four children, when spreadsheets add up first time, Italian sports cars, holidays in Greece, socialising, ebay, when people make her laugh, shoes, shoes and shoes.

dislikes.image.2015 Empty Wine bottles, when spreadsheets don’t add up first time, when Italian sports cars won’t start in the morning, earwigs, cucumber sandwiches, cold or rainy weather, chavs, submitting HMRC accounts online and working Friday afternoons*.

Kim be contacted by way or Email

Harriet ‘Harribo’ Walker – Webmaster and Events Manager

Harriett was originally employed as ‘Work Experience’ she made such an impression that she was offered a ‘proper job’ handling all of 147 Media’s digital products and Events whilst simultaneously taking the staff kicking and screaming into the 21st century!

In addition to being very particular doesn’t know the meaning if time keeping hence the office clock is always set 20 minutes early!

likes.image.2015Renovating houses, cycling, fine red Italian Wine, clubbing, eBay, Wine Bars, Music festivals,  German lager, Mini Cars, Pay Rises, Office Parties, traveling, Google, anything Tech, when a new piece of software works and having fun.

dislikes.image.2015 Anything decaffeinated or alcohol free (What’s the point? says Harriet!) frogs, rank red Italian Wine, when her Mini doesn’t start in the morning, Alarm clocks, crammed tube trains,  when software doesn’t work and working Friday afternoons*.

Harriet be contacted by way or Email



* Please note that 147 Media Ltd does not work Friday Afternoons with the Office closing 2.00pm – outside of these hours please phone 07984 790045

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