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Jabra provides contact centres with a powerful way to satisfy more customers. Jabra headsets are designed to fit the unique needs of contact centres that want to meet their customers expectations and deliver a superior customer experience, whilst always ensuring productivity.

At Jabra we have unique expertise through professional sound - we help organisations, large and small to reach their full potential and keep one step ahead of their competition.

To aid productivity and increase customer satisfaction within the UK&I contact centre industry we have developed a range of headsets that can empower agents located within noisy working environments or at home.

Jabra professional corded and wireless headsets provide outstanding call quality and comfort, with noise-cancelling microphones, padded ear cushions and durable reinforced cords; ideal for people who talk for a living.

For headset pricing, free trials and general information on the Jabra Contact Centre portfolio please contact Morgana House – UK Contact Centre Specialist on +44 (0)7799 682 179 or via Email

Alternatively, for all Technical Support enquiries please call Jabra Enterprise Support on 01784 220172 or Email

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