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Sensée is a work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid workplace specialist.

 Our services include:

- HomeAgent-based contact centre outsourcing: We help well-known organisations (including BUPA) improve business performance, cut costs and provide brilliant customer service.  Our award-winning team of 1400 service advisors and support/management delivers service, sales, retention, disaster recovery & tech support services by phone, email, webchat, text & social media.  Sensée is ISO27001 accredited, is FCA registered and GDPR compliant.  

Consulting and Best Practice: Sensée’s experienced consultants deliver a broad portfolio of Benchmarking, Consulting, Discovery and Workshop services. 

CloudWorks™ Ecosystem:  Our tech platforms support your homeworkers’ entire Employee Lifecycle - from recruitment and on-boarding to scheduling, training, communication and management.

Sensée’s nationwide recruitment reach and remote employee-centric focus creates accessible careers for people anywhere. By eliminating the daily commute, Sensée's business model also reduces traffic congestion and pollution, helping create sustainability for our planet and communities.



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