Contact Centre Leaders Point the Way To Hybrid Working Future

According to a new online poll from the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA), supported by Sensée, only 2 percent of UK Contact Centres expect all their frontline customer advisers to be working in a physical office in 12 months’ time, compared with 5 percent today.

The poll shows that while there is a move back to the office from working at home, it is mainly towards a balanced home/office model – with ‘2 or 3 days a week in the office’ increasingly being favoured. Today this model is used by 34 percent of organisations. In 12 months’ time, however, the ‘2-3 days a week in the office’ option is expected to be favoured by 51 percent. The ‘totally flexible’ hybrid working option and one where organisations expect people in the office at least once per month are also proving to be very popular.

Question 1: Right now, where does your frontline work? *

Question 2: In 12 months’ time, where do you anticipate your frontline to be working? *



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* Source: CCMA Members Poll, 14 Sept 23, supported by Sensée (186 participants)

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