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* Injixo (Invision)

The award-winning WFM solution that empowers your people to do outstanding work.

injixo is a leading cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solution, designed to empower people to do outstanding work.

Our comprehensive platform, featuring advanced forecasting, scheduling, real-time management, and employee engagement tools, is constantly innovating to meet ever-changing business needs.

injixo is trusted by a global community of 200,000 users in over 30 countries worldwide, to optimise their workforce efficiency every day.

Facing the evolving challenges of today, injixo provides solutions to navigate uncertainty and manage complex, unpredictable day-to-day operations.

Our machine learning-driven forecasting accurately predicts workloads across various timeframes, helping you stay ahead in an uncertain world.

With injixo, creating the perfect schedule becomes easier, balancing your people's needs with your business goals. Our real-time intraday management allows you to adapt schedules swiftly to unforeseen events, ensuring your short-term objectives are always within reach. Moreover, injixo believes in nurturing your people's growth with educational content that empowers your people to realise their full potential through scalable e-learning programs. And with our robust platform, you can innovate confidently, leveraging a scalable cloud infrastructure, deep integrations and an open API, all anchored in enterprise-grade security.

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