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Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive delivers technology and expertise to maximize the value of every customer interaction in your contact centre.

The Company develops a comprehensive portfolio of customer interaction management solutions. Core technologies include contact centre, attendant console, predictive outbound dialer, knowledge management system, IVR, and call recording solutions that support any telephony environment, on premise or in the Cloud. Enghouse Interactive has thousands of customers worldwide, supported by a global network of partners and more than 700 dedicated staff across the Company’s international operations.

Enghouse Interactive is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software and services company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “ESL.” Founded in 1984, Enghouse Systems is a consistently profitable company, which has grown both organically and through the acquisition of well-regarded specialists including Arc Solutions, CosmoCom, Datapulse, IAT SmartDial, Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, Syntellect, Telrex, Trio, and Zeacom.

Enghouse Interactive delivers flexible and scalable solutions that will meet a company’s communications needs across their organization, including: multi-channel contact centers, IVRs, operator consoles, call recording and quality management, and integration & optimization solutions.

Enghouse Interactive provides solutions that cover the entire spectrum of interactions, which include the following:

» Structured interactions are typically very well defined interactions that are transactional in nature. They are generally high volume, low value and are handled by call/contact centres.

» Unstructured interactions typically enter the organization through an operator or attendant and will require a more consultative approach to handle them professionally. The attendant/operator will use a variety of status and availability tools, such as calendar and various forms of presence information, integrated with a powerful directory, to determine how best to handle the call. Unstructured interactions will generally be lower in volume are often very high in value.

» Self-service interactions help optimize both the structured and the unstructured interaction management areas, helping companies achieve the right balance of customer service level, efficiency and cost.




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