6 ways that you can reap the benefits of CCaaS – Contact centre specialists Enghouse Interactive reveals all

Harnessing the benefits of Cloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions helps customer service teams overcome a wide range of pressing challenges. They can improve the agent experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and deliver a better customer experience. If you face any of these six pain-points in your contact centre, CCaaS could well be the answer to your problems.

1. The need to automate

Automation, especially through AI, is critical to bringing down costs and freeing up staff time. With CCaaS it is easy to automate routine tasks and digitise your contact centre. For example, incoming interactions can be deflected through AI-enabled chatbots. Agents can be automatically provided with relevant answers when on a call based on AI analysis of the conversation. All of this frees up agent time to focus on more complex queries while bringing down the cost to serve.

2. Embracing omnichannel

Customers increasingly want to communicate in new ways with companies. They want to shift away from solely using the phone. Many will start on one channel and move to others as the customer journey progresses. Providing a joined-up, omnichannel experience is much simpler with CCaaS. As it is delivered via the cloud it is flexible and can easily integrate new channels into the platform. This future-proofs your strategy and enables you to always meet changing customer requirements.

3. Improving the agent experience

Traditionally contact centres have struggled with high staff turnover rates. For this reason, improving the agent experience vital to engaging and retaining employees. CCaaS helps by automating routine queries, enabling agents to focus on more complex, rewarding, and interesting interactions. Essentially it pushes the human higher up the value chain, empowering them with all the information, support and training they need to be more productive, happier, and more engaged at work.

4. Intelligent call handling to enable faster response times

Contact centres have to deal with increasing volumes of interactions from customers who demand faster and faster responses. CCaaS platforms enable companies to automate replies to more routine queries, bringing down response times. This means agents can focus on higher value interactions where the human touch is vital. As CCaaS platforms integrate with your business systems agents are also able to access relevant information more quickly, delivering a more comprehensive, joined-up service.

5. Manage business continuity

The wider economy is currently volatile, meaning companies need to keep a close eye on costs but without impacting service levels. As a cloud platform CCaaS is easy to scale up and down, depending on shifting needs – either because of business change or to meet seasonal peaks. You only pay for what you use, giving predictable costs and certainty in forecasting. Additionally, as you easily deploy and access a CCaaS platform from anywhere, anytime, it will support hybrid working, with the flexibility that this brings.

6. Delivering trust and data security

Customers and regulators rightly demand that organisations protect the security of their systems and keep personal data safe. As CCaaS platforms are automatically updated with the latest security updates and patches, without needing downtime, they ensure the highest levels of data protection. This builds trust with your customers that their personal information is kept safe 24×7, 365 days a year.