The 2016 UK Contact Centre Decision Makers Guide 14th edition of  The UK Contact Centre Decision Makers Guide – the UK’s largest study of customer contact – is now available, free of charge.

The report, essential for all contact centre management,  gives you facts and hard data about every aspect of UK customer experience management, technology and strategy – with new sections on customer engagement, omnichannel, gamification, PCI compliance and web chat.

Key findings include:

– Inbound call volumes decline in absolute terms for the first time on record

– Average cost per call is similar to email and web chat (£3.85 / £3.56 / £3.13)

– Service call duration at an all-time high of 5mintess 26 seconds, up 48% since 2004

– Web chat’s average speed to answer is superior to telephone

– UK average new agent salaries rise to £17,139, contact centre managers rise to £39,324.

Additional Information

The UK Contact Centre Decision Makers’ Guide – the UK’s largest study of customer contact – is now available, free of charge – to download the Guide Click Here


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