The first report looks at Customer Effort & Engagement in the contact centre. Specifically, the report will look at:

– How much effort customers have to put in to do business with the organisations they deal with

– How customers prefer to be contacted by contact centre agents

– How businesses can engage with customers to reduce customer effort

– What customers value from their contact centre experience

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The second report, Agent Engagement & Gamification, explores how to motivate agents in an environment that is often stressful, repetitive and usually not well paid. Specifically, the report will explore:

– The most effective methods for engaging contact centre agents.

– How gamification can be used to engage and reward contact centre agents

– Which characteristics should be encouraged in contact centre agents and how this can differ by contact centre size

– How to use gamification to support wider business objectives

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Additional Information

rantandrave.logo.2014.1Rant & Rave (formerly known as Rapide) was launched in 2000 by Nigel Shanahan and is one of the UK’s leading Customer Engagement specialists, counting half of the FTSE as clients.

Its multi-channel solutions let brands proactively communicate with and gather fast feedback from their customers to manage and measure the customer experience. By providing solutions which are customer, not brand, centric Rant & Rave helps its clients to transform Ranters into Ravers and turn happy customers into lifelong advocates.

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