The Future of UK & US Customer Contact

The future of UK & US customer contact – the largest-ever research studies, available now from ContactBabel

Only 12% of the public actually want to pick up the phone to speak with your business: what does this mean for the future of customer contact?

The largest-ever studies of UK & US customer contact operations are now available, brand-new and free to download.

“The UK & US Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guides” provide up-to-the-minute research on customer contact operations which together directly employ over 6.6m American and British people.

New research areas for 2015 include: Omnichannel; Engaging the Customer of the Future; Agent Engagement & Gamification; PCI DSS Compliance and Web Chat & Beyond.

Having surveyed over 420 US & UK contact centres of all sizes and business sectors, some of this year’s findings include:

english.flag.image.oct.2015In the UK:

– The mean average cost of a web chat is £2.58 – 73% of that of a phone call, and almost the same as an email
– Average annual salaries for new agents are £16,808 (up 5.1% from 2014)
– 36% of customers prefer to use email to communicate with a business, compared to only 12% who prefer a phone call
– 40% of contact centre respondents expect their inbound voice traffic volumes to drop in the next 12 months.

us.flag.image.oct.2015In the US:

– The mean average cost of an email is $4.14 – 62% of that of a phone call, but 14% more expensive than a web chat
– Average annual salaries for contact center managers are $69,605 (up 3.0% from 2014)
– By mid-2017, 74% of US contact centers will be using some homeworking
– First-call resolution is seen as the single most important factor affecting customer satisfaction.

With key statistics and insight into all elements of the American & British contact centre industries – including technology, HR, benchmarking, strategy and investments –

contactbabel.logo.2015Additional Information

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