Digital Channels Account for 30% of Inbound customer contact

digital.customer.experience.image.448.april.2016Digital channels account for around 30% of inbound customer contact, yet they are often disconnected from each other, inconsistent, and may even be more expensive than a voice call according to results published in ContactBabel’s free download – “The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Customer Contact”.

“The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Customer Contact” is the definitive independent analyst report looking at the current reality of digital channels, customer channel preference vs usage, and the steps to be taken to move to an omnichannel environment.

The report, written by ContactBabel, is free to download and contains information of utmost importance to contact centre management such as,

* Volume, growth and cost of digital channels, compared to voice calls

* The channels that customers prefer vs what they actually use, and why

Detailed focus on specific channels, including:

Email, Web chat, SMS, Social Media, Self-service (including visual IVR)

The effect of smartphones

* Web RTC & video

* Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp

Inhibitors to omnichannel, and how to overcome them

* Beyond omnichannel – the ‘e2e’ world.

contactbabel_logoAdditional Information

To download “The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Customer Contact” free of charge, please Click Here There are US and UK versions, containing statistics & findings specific to those industries.

For additional information about ContactBabel visit their Website

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