Ways to enhance Customer Experience (CX) through your Mobile channel

Top 5 ways to enhance CX through your Mobile channel

genesys.logo.2014Customer Experience (CX), satisfaction and loyalty increases when customer effort during critical touchpoints goes down. The best way to reduce effort is by meeting and supporting customers where they are always present. More than ever, that is on their mobile devices. This paper will highlight several important ways to enhance CX through common interactions involving existing and planned mobile applications and websites.

Customer Touchpoints Are Now Mobile

Looking around your office or while out on the weekend, it is very clear that it is a mobile-first world. Consumers have dumped their landline phones and PCs in favor of smartphones and tablet devices. Key workloads in most industries are shifting both customer and worker interactions to mobile devices, where immediate information access and location-based services are more useful and relevant to commerce and to the tasks at hand.

Most of the world’s population has already gone mobile. According to IDC, there will be more people accessing the web using a mobile device than a computer by 2015, and commerce continues to shift to mobile devices as consumers and businesses alike become untethered from traditional equipment, home or office, in their purchase and account management journeys. Consumers are also now expecting that their issue resolution and support journeys include mobile touchpoints, and the growth in smartphone adoption adds to the need for many new capabilities in daily mobile interactions. Seventy-eight percent of consumers now use mobile apps for account status, billing and interactive chat – the primary benefit, of course, is that people can initiate interactions whenever and wherever they are.

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