Intelligent Contact Routing – eBook by Content Guru

Intelligent Contact Routing – eBook by Contunt Guru to ensure customers reach the right agents and resources and have positive customer experiences contact centre is rapidly transforming into the customer engagement hub. The 9-5, Monday-Friday call centre is nearing extinction as customer demands continue to soar for multi-channel interactions, wherever they are, whenever the time, and whatever way they choose.

The key metric at the heart of this revolution is the Customer Experience (CX), which is increasingly interwoven into consumer and organisation thinking. 55% of customers would gladly pay more for a better CX1, and by 2020 it is expected to overtake price and product as THE key brand differentiator.

Positive and negative CXs can have a major influence on buyer behaviour. 94% of customers who have experienced a ‘low-effort service experience’ say that they will buy from the same company again3, while another study suggests that it takes 12 positive experiences to recover from one unresolved negative one4.

Several factors affect perceptions of CX, but a significant one is the speed and efficiency by which customers are routed through to the correct resources.
Intelligent Customer Routing is a term that describes the process of connecting a customer to a contact centre agent, or automated resource, that’s equipped to manage that contact – according to the business rules set by the supplier organisation.

While the term is usually used in relation to inbound customer contact management, it could also apply to outbound contacts – and these can be across any media, including Instant Messaging (IM), phone, email, social media, video, SMS and more.

In this eBook, we discuss ways in which organisations can efficiently, quickly and consistently route customer contacts to the right resources, every time, to boost CXs and facilitate the necessary transformation of their contact estate into the customer engagement hub.

Ten Intelligent Routing Tips
1. Put Customers in Control of the Communications Process
2. Use WFO & Skills-Based Routing to Improve Customer Matching
3. Turn Wait Time into Productive Time
4. Set Contact Routing Rules that Fully Support Business Objectives
5. Make Full Use of All Available Information for Contact Routing
6. Act on Customer Insight and Feedback
7. Promote Continuity and Consistency
8. Avoid Customers Making Contact in the First Place
9. Actively Manage the Customer Journey
10. Maximise Flexibility with a Cloud Customer Engagement Hub Information

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