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Greater Bank Digital Transformation with Genesys Purecloud

Greater Bank underpins local growth and development with global cloud technology from Genesys

Greater Bank starts its digital transformation of its contact centre for both customers and employees with Genesys PureCloud.

Greater Bank, an Australian customer-owned financial institution, is rejecting the recent trend to send customer service roles offshore, and has deployed the Genesys PureCloud® platform to create business efficiencies, enhance customer experience and cultivate its local workforce.

Due to its flexibility and the ease with which it connects interactions across all channels, the PureCloud platform has helped Greater Bank improve customer and employee collaboration, simplifying the communication process. The innovative solution from Genesys, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, was deployed to replace Greater Bank’s on-premise customer management software.

The PureCloud platform supports more than 70 agents and handles approximately 250,000 inbound calls annually to Greater Bank’s new, state-of-the-art customer experience hub in Newcastle, NSW. Increased job satisfaction, flexible working conditions and locations are also made possible with the scaleable and fully integrated platform, leading to an evolution in the Hunter Region workforce.

Greater Bank Head of Contact Centre Natalie Lane, said the business was looking for a solution that would benefit both customers and employees.

“We needed a system that would empower our customers to access and use our products and services when they want and on the channels of their choice. Equally, to retain and attract talent, we required a solution that was easy to use and could provide our team the flexibility to work wherever they needed,” Mrs Lane said.

“To provide this level of service, we knew we needed to become the bank of tomorrow by undergoing a digital transformation. This started with moving our contact centre to PureCloud.

“We chose PureCloud because it allows us to scale our contact centre operations in line with call volumes, tap into other features at no additional cost and gives our employees the capability to better facilitate our customers across timezones. To put it simply – PureCloud provides excellent value for money,” Mrs Lane said.

Greater Bank has earned a track record of excellence in customer service with recognition as Bank of the Year by Roy Morgan for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) and consistently achieving higher than average customer satisfaction ratings.

The moment of truth came for Greater Bank when it conducted a pilot program which evaluated the platform’s robust capabilities.

“In what could have been a period of disruption for both our employees and customers, we maintained our exceedingly high 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating when we tested PureCloud. This was the proof we needed,” Mrs Lane said.

Greater Bank was also impressed with PureCloud’s speed of deployment, which took only six weeks from start to finish.

“Despite the complexity of the project, the full deployment of PureCloud was fast and easy – from setting up call queues, building IVRs and training staff. We like that queue management has become simpler and new features are continuously delivered without interuption.”

“Our long-term goal is to continue driving innovation by adding new digital features, functionality and integrations. Our business model revolves around our customer, team and community, and we consider PureCloud a key differentiator for our continued success.”

Additional Information

Launched globally in 2015, the PureCloud platform is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and business communications solution that is proven to provide a return on investment (ROI) nearing 600 percent* in three years and payback in less than three months. A true cloud offering based on microservices architecture, PureCloud is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation, providing organisations with a future-proof solution for quickly scaling to meet customer growth.

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