Contact Centre Workers at Capita face uncertain future

Contact centre workers at Capita’s sites at Bury and Glasgow face an uncertain future as the company announced a ‘voluntary redundancy exercise’ estimated to effect 700 workers.

cwu.sally.bridge.image.aug.2015CWU assistant secretary Sally Bridge explained: “If Capita decide to wind down, or withdraw from the O2 work at Bury and Glasgow, then our people who want to stay in post at the moment are being given limited options and could face either an impractical commute or feel they have no alternative but to leave.”

“Capita have told staff that there won’t be compulsory redundancies in this exercise, but if Bury is made unsustainable and work is transferred elsewhere in Glasgow by Capita’s re-organisation, then even our people who don’t want to leave their jobs may be left with little alternative,” Sally continued, adding:

“It could be said that, while the business is keeping to the letter of the agreement, they’re not acting in accord with the spirit of the agreement.”

“We’re urging the company to bring O2 work into Bury and not to transfer work out of Glasgow, so that our hard-working members are re-assured that there is a realistic future for them if they want to remain in post.”

“It’s a very serious situation, and our members are understandably extremely concerned. We’ll continue to push as hard as we can to retain as much work and as many jobs as possible.”

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