Does your relationship with Quality Monitoring pass the test?

Business Systems (UK) Ltd are launching a short survey to identify how contact centre managers are currently monitoring their agents’ performance through Quality Monitoring technology.
How do you use your Quality Monitoring (QM) technology?

The survey aims to collect 100+ responses from contact centre managers across different industries in the United Kingdom, outlining current trends and approaches to Quality Monitoring within a contact centre environment.

The survey comes at the perfect time, with Quality Monitoring and service excellence being at the forefront of many discussions in the customer service industry. The results of the survey aim to shed light on current affairs that require attention for improved service – helping pinpoint how managers are evaluating their agents and providing an educated report on how best to fix any broken processes currently in place.

The survey will run starting 2nd March 2014 up to the 16th of March 2015 with results being published 21st April 2015.

So if Quality Monitoring is on your agenda and you have 5 minutes to spare, we’re giving away £5 Starbucks e-gift cards to every person who completes our short survey – ‘Does your relationship with Quality Monitoring pass the test?’

Additional Information

To participate in the survey Click Here and Conditions

1. A £5 Starbucks eGift Card will be delivered to the first 100 respondents, subject to the email provided being valid. The prize will be non-exchangeable.

2. People partaking in the survey should be a contact centre professional, currently working within a contact centre, please use a work email address where possible, when completing the survey to help us verify this. Those who do not, may not be entitled to the eGift Card.

3. All people partaking in the survey will get a final copy of the results gathered and any subsequent report created.

For additional information or Business Systems (UK) Ltd see their Website or view their Company Profile

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