Mears 24/7 Deploy Britannic Technologies Cloud

britannic.technologies.logo_.2015Britannic Technologies have announced they have deployed a telecommunications solution in the cloud for Mears 24/7, a specialist contact centre provider dedicated to serving the Mears Group PLC, and direct customers in the housing maintenance market, domiciliary care, Telecare, and business support sectors.

Mears 24/7 works with local authorities and housing associations across the UK, and last year successfully resolved over 1 million contacts from residents.

Mears 24/7 wanted a new telecommunications solution that would: centralise the telecommunications across its three sites, increase resiliency and scalability, and improve the management and reporting of data in the contact centres.

Britannic recommended the following solution: Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP), Mitel Contact Centre, Red Box Recording Solution – all delivered through Britannic’s cloud and via its managed service offering.

Cloud is the way forward

Mears 24/7 decided with the guidance and support from Britannic, that putting the new telephone system and contact centre solution into the cloud would be the most beneficial to meet its requirements.

“Britannic were fantastic when it came to demonstrating the value and worth of deploying voice in the cloud. We informed them of our concerns and Britannic used real examples of how they addressed similar issues with existing customers and what the outcome was. This gave us great confidence in leaping into the unknown and the benefits the cloud delivered most certainly outweighed our scepticism.

We decided to use our own servers but to host them in Britannic’s data centres; this meant that we weren’t putting all of our eggs in one basket. The cloud provides us with: greater efficiency, flexibility and capabilities,” said Martin Byrne, Operations Director, Mears 24/7.

Centralising and Simplifying

With the Mitel 3300 ICP and Contact Centre in the cloud they now have a centralised solution that has increased the business’s capability, and resiliency.

“By hosting voice in the cloud we have reduced the amount of hardware at sites, reduced IT costs and freed up my team to focus on other projects, and we benefit from increased flexibility. It is also amazing for upgrades, deploying new applications, setting up new users and sites – cloud has made our lives so much easier! Wasted time and man-hours have evaporated but more importantly the solutions have provided a real value add for both the business and our customers.

Our business is 24/7 contact centres so we cannot have any downtime; it just isn’t acceptable. With the cloud solution we have increased our business continuity strategy and are assured that if a system should fail then it will switch over to another, and it will be business as usual,” commented Byrne.

britannic.technologies.logo_.2015For additional information see Britannic technologies Website or view their Company Profile


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