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70 – 80% of what is learnt in the classroom will be forgotten within 2 weeks

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Organisations struggling to train and retain skills can now benefit from a new interactive e-learning platform – ERROL. Designed to make onboarding, training and learning reinforcement more effective, it’s already showing positive results through increased sales, improved employee engagement, reduced handling times and positive customer service feedback.

The platform is the brainchild of customer service expert Carolyn Blunt from Ember Real Results, voted most respected person in the UK Contact Centre industry 2012, and co-author of the book titled “Delivering Effective Social Customer Service”. Carolyn’s hands-on approach to training and her passion for delivering excellent customer service is rivalled only by her consistency in delivering tangible results.

Ember Real Results has a strong focus on finding unique ways to engage with employees to ensure that they retain the knowledge shared in training sessions so that they can continually add value to their employers and customers.

Carolyn’s years of contact centre training experience has helped to create a platform that is easy to use and integrates with existing knowledge management systems. Specifically, engagement and learning achievements can be easily monitored. Learners sign up and receive daily quizzes via email which test their knowledge and reinforce learning.

ERROL encourages healthy competition and is a great way of introducing gamification in organisations. Managers can easily track participation, identify learning needs and assess knowledge levels through detailed reports. ERROL can also be used for onboarding which is made easy through a drip feed learning approach. This ensures learning is not overwhelming for new employees and that the knowledge they gain is more easily retained.

ERROL is a simple but effective knowledge assessment and retention platform based on the principle of gamification and delivered through digital channels. ERROL is aimed at helping managers achieve a significantly better ROI on their learning and development programs through learning reinforcement.

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