Noetica and SATMAP Partner to Integrate Predictive Dialler

Noetica  have announced its partnership with SATMAP. The partnership sees SATMAP’s cloud-based contact centre agent and customer personality matching technology integrated with Noetica’s Synthesys™ predictive dialler, resulting in significantly reduced agent idle time, improved engagement and more profitable outcomes.

The SATMAP solution is already being used by contact centres including AA, Virgin Media, Kwik-Fit, T-Mobile and Vodafone, while the Synthesys™ predictive dialler has proven successful in organisations including Parseq and Allianz. This new integrated offering works by inviting agents to complete an optional 20 minute online personality survey. Then, when the dialler makes outbound calls, relevant information specific to each telephone number is automatically pulled in real-time from publicly available (non-sensitive) sources such as commercial databases, social media, catalogues and census archives. In a fraction of a second, the system then performs over a billion calculations identifying the personality combination which will result in the highest probability of a successful interaction. The dialler then routes the caller to the most appropriate agent.

Founder and CEO of Noetica, Danny Singer comments on the partnership:

“In bringing this innovation to market we are at the forefront of a new wave of intelligent technology that is about to take the contact centre market by storm, propelling this relatively conservative industry into a level of refined, scientific sophistication and effectiveness barely imaginable only a few years ago.”


noetica.thomas.inskip.image.2014UK Managing Director of SATMAP, Tom Inskip states:

“Together with Noetica we are introducing an advanced yet proven solution that addresses a very simple premise – we buy from people we like. By using data to more intelligently pair agents to customers we helping the agent build a natural rapport with the customer and in doing so increasing the likelihood of a sale.”

The new integrated Noetica and SATMAP solution is available from Noetica or SATMAP now.

For additional information see Noetica’s Company Profile

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