KCom signs multi-million pound contact centre deal

kc.logo.2014It has been reported that KCom has signed what has been described as a “substantial”, multi-million pound Government contract to provide hosted contact centres.

The Hull-based firm said the contract will be supported by IT and telephone services through its cloud-based ‘workplaces’ portfolio.

It said the project is now in the detailed planning phase and it will be able to give more details at its final results on June 6. The contract is thought to be with HM Revenue & Customs, which works to reduce tax evasion and avoidance.

KCom’s chairman Bill Halbert said: “CCTV is usually blurry and grainy, but we offer HD CCTV in the cloud. It’s very sharp. Because it’s in the cloud you can pull images straight away. You don’t have to look at a tape.”

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