Infinity Supports New Business Wins for Outsourcer, Interact

Infinity Implements at Speed to Support Two New Business Wins for Customer Management Outsourcer, Interact

interact.agent.sep.2016When Interact, one of the UK’s fastest growing outsourcing businesses, won two new clients in quick succession the clock started ticking.

Both clients – a leading consumer electronics business and a big player in credit card processing – needed to establish a new home for their outsourced contact centre operations within just eight weeks. And both needed to replace the complex case management solutions that would be lost as their existing outsourcing relationships came to an end.

Thanks to Interact’s ‘can do’ approach and access to the Infinity platform, both the move and the technology build were completed on time, service levels didn’t miss a beat and both clients applauded Interact for exceeding their expectations.

sarah.leff.image.sep.2016Interact’s Operations Director, Sarah Leff commented,

“There was an unbelievable amount of work to get done in a short time. As well as all of the usual work needed to bring a new client onboard we had to manage a TUPE transfer to bring teams across from each client’s previous provider. 

From a technology point of view we had to create a case management solution for each client and transfer all customer history into those solutions for each company.” 

” Having relied on the Infinity platform for several years, Sarah was confident its technology could deliver.  I had to rely on the Infinity team to deliver the technology while we got on with everything else.  The Infinity team liaised directly with the clients, managed every step of solution design and implementation, met every deadline and delivered on time.  In the end both clients felt that the solution Infinity built for them not only matched but bettered what they had before,” says Sarah.

“In each case the solution was more robust and more intuitive for the agent to use, helping them to work faster and provide better service.”

For Interact’s consumer electronics client – a leading gaming business – the Infinity platform supports a multi-channel customer service programme and is the lynchpin of a UK-wide repair operation.  Within the first six months Interact delivered a 16% improvement in average handling time.

“Our contact centre agents are able to work faster and more fluently because Infinity gives them easy access to the information they need to answer customers’ service questions and arrange repairs from a single unified agent desktop,” says Sarah.

Interact manages the complete sales process for its credit card client and, in the early days of the contract, has driven efficiency by increasing contacts-per-hour by 25%. 

“Using data captured via Infinity we hope over time to develop account management strategies that will help our client grow that revenue significantly,” says Sarah

interact.logo.sep.2016Infinity combines a unified agent desktop with a powerful workflow engine that Interact uses to build and maintain the complex service and sales processes that all of its clients depend upon.  “We selected Infinity as Interact’s technology provider from the start because it is built with outsourcers in mind,” says Sarah.

It’s flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of client requirements and can be updated easily whenever those requirements change.”   While many outsourcers take days or even weeks to respond to a simple change request, we can respond immediately.”

More than that, Infinity gives Interact flexible IT resource.  Not just a team that can deploy new clients fast, but a platform that can flex to accommodate the changing shape of its operation from one month to the next. At the start of every month Interact gives Infinity an estimate of its per-seat technology requirement and pays accordingly.  “Every outsourcer experiences significant volume volatility dictated by variability and seasonality in its clients’ businesses,” says Sarah.

“Infinity’s usage-based pricing mechanism allows us to actively manage our technology in line with those fluctuations in order to keep our costs down.  With tight operating margins no outsourcer can afford to sit on idle technology. Thanks to Infinity, we don’t have to.”

Additional Information

For additional information on Interact visit their Website

Infinity is a provider of technology and services that deliver excellence, efficiency and commercial advantage for outsourced customer management service providers.  At the heart of our offer is the Infinity Platform, a combined agent desktop and workflow engine that empowers outsourcers to design and deliver exceptional customer experiences, across every campaign, with ultimate efficiency.

Easy integration with popular CRM and telephony solutions makes Infinity the ‘glue’ that gets all your systems working together and creates a single point of capture for the data you need in order to  manage client operations, refine their performance and drive transformational change.

For additional information on Infinity CCS visit their Website

To Download the full Infinity CCS and Interact case study Click Here

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