Salesforce: Exceptional Customer Service Starts Right Here

The customer service landscape has changed dramatically in recent years with the increase in customers connecting with companies through online, self-service communities and social media. Businesses now need to look beyond the call centre and Average Handling Time when it comes to optimising their customer service channels.Integrating these channels is key to delivering exceptional customer service and a customer experience that delights every time. But how do you do this? Salesforce Service Cloud, the World’s #1 customer service app, has helped customers do this whilst helping them achieve:
40% increase in customer satisfaction.
40% decrease in service/support costs.
42% faster resolution times.
Discover Salesforce Service Cloud today and see how it can help your company increase customer service, reduce support costs, improve resolution times and more.
20 Customer Service Best Practices
Time to get some new customer service ideas under your belt! Based on feedback from our customers, product experts, and thought leaders, we’ve pulled together an ebook with 20 customer service best practices, where you’ll learn about:
Great service across all channels
Treating customers the best way possible
Building a successful customer service team
Download the ebook today to learn about these new and different ideas for your organization.
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