The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics

“The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics” is a major independent analyst report, aimed at providing customer contact professionals with the latest analysis and data around current and future use of customer interaction analytics.


The 100-page report is free to download and contains detailed insight into:

– Speech, text, predictive, desktop, back-office and customer journey analytics

– Emotion and sentiment detection

– Real-time analytics

– Use of analytics for QA, compliance, business intelligence, customer experience, etc.

– Implementation, timescales and ROI

– Analytics in the cloud

– Current and future analytics technology penetration rates

– The future of analytics.

Additional Information

contactbabel.logo.2015To download “The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Interaction Analytics” free of charge, Click Here

There are US and UK versions, containing statistics & findings specific to those industries.

Other Inner Circle Guides, which are also free to download, are available for Omnichannel, Cloud, PCI DSS Compliance, Workforce Optimization, Self-Service and Outbound.

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