Why an Intelligent Call Strategy is Essential in Telemarketing

telemarketing.image.aug.2015Find out why Intelligent Call Strategy is Essential in Telemarketing – Noble Systems have published a White Paper enabling you to get the maximum results from a telemarketing campaign

At the heart of telemarketing success, achieving the most Right-Party-Contacts (“RPCs”) and offer acceptances are arguably the most important pieces. Many organisations attempt to do this by increasing the intensity of the number of calls and campaigns. This approach quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns, where the cost of intensity outweighs the benefit of RPCs. In addition, it ignores the reality of call compliance issues and leaves out the reality of telemarketing metrics.

To be successful, companies need to use strategies that enable them to focus on the leads that would carry the most value and can provide the most payback – in terms of selling to new customers, cross-selling to existing customers and making “sticky” retention offers.

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