Three Tools for Inside Sales Success

Inside Sales may be one of the most exciting growth areas in many companies especially contact centres. Its champion performers are those that have discovered the three tools for Inside Sales success: analytics, reporting, and automation., more and more companies are focusing on Inside Sales, and with good reason. The goal is to drive more revenue at lower cost.

The profession of Inside Sales enables companies to conduct a complex, multi-touch sales process, including targeting, qualifying, and building a relationship, all remotely.

The growth of the profession came about as advances in telephony and Internet technology vastly improved its feasibility at the same time that the cost (especially travel) of traditional ‘outside sales’ was rising. As rapid growth in Inside Sales makes talent scarcer and increases the challenges of recruiting, training and retaining talent, it’s imperative that companies fully enable the work of these valuable professionals.

However, many companies report being disillusioned about the performance of their Inside Sales operation – sometimes from a revenue standpoint, sometimes a sales productivity standpoint. Some are just uncertain: “Are we expecting too much from our Inside Sales team? Are we enabling them enough? Have we set them up for success or failure?”

Our experience shows that when Inside Sales organisations are well supported in three ways, they can be highly productive, drive significant revenue, and reduce costly churn in the ranks.

1. Data Analytics

– Information-based decisions are better than arbitrary or judgmental decisions. Today’s data analytics can give your sales team a competitive edge and make sure they spend their valuable time talking to the best prospects.

2. Reporting

The results of sales activity, linked back to your prospect records, can provide equally powerful insights about who to call and when – and with what value proposition.

3. Automation

You don’t want to have to worry about compliance or have your top sales resources wasting time on cumbersome manual tasks, look-ups, and logs – not when technology can do it all better.

These advances may be sophisticated, but they are not complicated. The analytics can be easy to understand, the reporting can be easy to implement, and the automation should be easy, almost intuitive, to use.

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