Webio Webinar: Messaging & Artificial Intelligence


Webio Webinar: Messaging and AI are changing the very nature of how companies engage with customers. New messaging channels are presenting new challenges – more channels mean more noise and more contact. With customers firmly in the driving seat and this shift towards messaging, companies are scrambling to develop/deploy both an AI and messaging plan.

But getting started with messaging and AI doesn’t have to be so daunting. There are simple steps that the contact centre can take when embarking into this new messaging world, and it doesn’t involve pulling the plug on the phone and email.

In this 30minute webinar, we will look at:

1. Deploying simple AI in traditional channels
2. Taking the first steps into messaging – not taking an ‘all at once’ approach
3. Increasing message volumes to fuel the AI engine
4. Implementing AI is about inbound just as much as outbound

Join us on:

Date: Friday February 3rd

Time: 10:30 GMT

Duration: 30 mins




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