mplsystems & Injixo Integration To Transform Productivity in Contact Centres

mplsystems & Injixo Integration To Transform Productivity in Contact Centres

mplsystems.image.feb.2018Combining mplsystems pioneering contact centre and customer service technology with injixo’s workforce management software, the integrated solution brings a dynamic collaboration for improved productivity and customer experience.The first of several customers to benefit, is a leading business process outsourcing organisation.

Now with mplsystems’ unified agent desktops, the company is able to improve each individual customer interaction with minimal effort. The intelligent Desktop module presents all related and real-time data in one simplified view. Thus, allowing agents to interact with the customer through all media channels, while collating all relevant customer data to save the agents navigating complex screens.

Through the collaboration of injixo’s workforce management module and mplsystems’ contact centre solution, the company will now be able to capture all multi-channel contact data, whilst effectively forecasting, scheduling and planning the workforce. With the professional foresight of resources, the company is able to eliminate any guesswork and maximise the productivity of the workforce.

Creating a seamless flow in the data process, this integration will make it much easier for the staff and agents within the contact centre to interact with real-time information. Furthermore, this development will bring a seamless integration for Supervisors, as well as contact centre staff, making it easier for efficient service delivery.

mplsystems and inijxo look forward to integrating on future opportunities, allowing other companies to benefit in similar ways.

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For additional information on mplsystems and their intelligentContact solution, contact us today to find out how we can create an individual contact centre solution for your company while avoiding the prices of bespoke specs.

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