Webinar: Messaging & Web Chat – Getting the Best Out of Both

Webinar: Messaging and Web Chat – Getting the Best Out of Both Webinar


The customer communications landscape is changing with mobile and messaging apps consuming all in its path. Let’s face it, with this rapid pace of change companies are struggling to keep up and being further complicated with the growth of new messaging channels such as Messenger and WhatsApp. Traditional channels such as phone are declining so the challenge of engaging with your customers has never been difficult.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will focus on the growth of web chat and messaging and how they can be used effectively in your business. These two channels are somewhat similar in the experience they provide, but drastically different in uptake and the value they can deliver to the business and the contact centre.

Hear more about:

Messaging and Web Chat the reality.
The untapped opportunity of asynchronous conversations.
Maximise engagement across the customer journey and which channels work best.
How more conversions can be managed with less agents.
Where AI is playing its part, even at the simplest level.

Additional Information

webio.logo.jan.2017Date: Friday June 23rd | Time: 10:15am GMT
Duration: 30mins

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