Welcome to your PSI DSS Survey

Name Business Email Phone Number
Does your organisation process card payments over the telephone?
Who in your organisation is responsible for PCI compliance? (Please insert job title)
How well do you think your organisation handles PCI DSS compliance?
Are you aware of the potential implications of a payment card breech for your organisation?
Are you aware that your choice of technology for collecting card payments can impact compliance with PCI DSS?
Have you considered attaining PCI DSS certification for your organisation?
If yes, are you aware of your options and the associated costs for achieving PCI DSS certification?
Has your organistation taken advice from a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)?
If you are reviewing contact centre solutions that will help you achieve PCI compliance, are you aware that unless the system is provided as a managed service and certified independently, your organisation will still be subject to the broader implications of the PCI regulations?
If you have reviewed PCI DSS certified contact centre solutions, have you been provided the Supplier's Attestation of Compliance (AoC)?
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