Infinity Drives Efficiency & New Business for Webhelp

Infinity drives insight, efficiency and new business gains for Webhelp UK

Recognised as one of the most progressive outsourcers in the UK market, Webhelp is focused on engineering the customer experience it delivers for clients based on data-driven insight.

Today it’s using the Infinity Platform – a combined agent desktop and workflow engine – not just to manage customer interactions efficiently, but to capture data from those interactions to fuel insight and transformational thinking.

webhelp.pateman.image.oct.2015“When we first met Infinity we were looking for a unified agent desktop that would allow us to compete effectively on bids where the client wanted us to supply agent-facing technology,” says Webhelp’s Client Solutions Director, David Pattman.

“What we found was much more. We found a technology that would become a single point of capture for the data we need to support insight. Infinity is now an integral part of a highly differentiated offer that’s enabling us to win business in a crowded market.”

The Infinity Platform has strengthened Webhelp’s ability to win new business and delivered an efficiency gain of 20% in operation.

From ‘showcase’ to business win
Recognising Infinity’s potential to support its differentiated market proposition, Webhelp set about incorporating it into its showcase that demonstrates ‘the art of the possible’ for new clients. In the meantime a new business opportunity presented itself to Webhelp for which Infinity’s capabilities were an ideal match.

A big UK insurer was restructuring its business and looking for a partner that could help it build an intelligent customer sales and service operation in which sales activities are driven by insight derived from a detailed analysis of customer behavior. This presented a perfect fit for Webhelp’s insight-focused capability. The client brought no technology with it beyond its policy administration engine. Webhelp was able to include, within its outsourced solution, a fully integrated technology infrastructure which, with the Infinity Platform at its heart, would be able to unify and capture policy and customer interaction data to deliver insight.

Infinity supported Webhelp’s successful bid and moved quickly to implement in line with Webhelp’s requirement to ramp up quickly. “The benefits of having a single source of data – and not having to look for it in several different places – was immediately apparent,” says Pattman. “Almost from the outset we’ve been able to identify buying trends and develop powerful cross and upsell recommendations for our client.”

Compliant, compelling and highly efficient
As well as supplying the business information that fuels insight, Infinity provides real time the management information that supports the drive for efficiency and effectiveness that is vital to Webhelp’s clients. The wellspring of that efficiency is the Infinity Agent Desktop, which gives Webhelp’s agents access to everything they need to complete an interaction without changing screens or loading multiple applications.

“Like most outsourcers we have multiple technologies, often provided by our clients, that support a range of agent-assisted channels,” says Pattman. “We’re now able to integrate them at the agent desktop. Infinity is more than just a technology – it’s an integral part of our offer to clients and how we deliver for them.”

Using Infinity’s workflow engine to design and build ideal customer interactions, and then delivering them through an easy-to-use agent desktop, is driving efficiency gains of up to 20% for Webhelp. It’s also ensuring compliance with the quality standards its clients demand and the legal requirements so many face. “

Our insurance operation’s client has extremely robust and stringent compliance requirements which, thanks to Infinity, we can confidently meet and exceed,” says Pattman. “Using Infinity, we can build the customer experience with compliance and quality in mind, with colour coded instructions reminding agents what they must say, check and record.”

The intuitive clarity of the agent desktop has reduced the time it takes for agents to achieve full productivity. “Getting to competence quickly has obvious benefits for our business,” says Pattman. “And, as Infinity is deployed across more of our client programmes, it also helps our teams to be more flexible.” Though highly personalised to each client, the desktop has a consistent underlying structure, which means agents and team leaders can assimilate new programmes with ease.”

Webhelp’s Account Manager, Stuart Bidwell, has worked with Webhelp throughout the deployment of the Infinity Platform. “Webhelp is far ahead of the game when it comes to refining the customer experience through insight; but it also has a keen appreciation for the hard work that gets done at an agent level. With Infinity supporting its agent and analyst teams, they’re enhancing both day-to-day delivery and their ability to drive future change.”

Infinity is now a Webhelp partner of choice, not just because of the technology solution it provides, but because of its willingness to support its new business drive and its ability to deploy rapidly and integrate easily to a wide array of systems. “Infinity works with us to create compelling propositions that are helping us win business from clients that want to make a step change in customer management performance,” says Pattman.

Additional Information

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About Infinity
Infinity is a provider of technology and services that deliver excellence, efficiency and commercial advantage for outsourced customer management service providers. At the heart of our offer is the Infinity Platform, a combined agent desktop and workflow engine that empowers outsourcers to design and deliver exceptional customer experiences, across every campaign, with ultimate efficiency.

Easy integration with popular CRM and telephony solutions makes Infinity the ‘glue’ that gets all your systems working together and creates a single point of capture for the data you need in order to manage client operations, refine their performance and drive transformational change.

For additional information on Infinity visit their Website

webhelp.uk_.logo_.2014-300x173About Webhelp
From 12 locations across the UK, Webhelp provides multi and omni-channel services to some of the UK’s most progressive brands and businesses. Webhelp UK, which has its operational headquarters in Falkirk, Scotland, has grown its revenues by 112% in the last four years by focusing on value-based outsourcing, omni-channel engagement and experience analytics to create optimal customer journeys.
The Webhelp Group employs 30,000 people from 79 locations worldwide and has its UK headquarters in London, England and global headquarters in Paris, France.

For additional Information visit the Webhelp UK Website or view their Company Profile

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