IFS Customer Engagement: Enhancements to intelligentResponse

IFS Customer Engagement Announce Enhancements to their Leading AI & Virtual Assistance Solution – intelligentResponse

At a time when customer service organisations struggle to integrate traditional channels like calls and email with digital self-service, IFS-mplsystems announces enhancements to their leading AI & virtual assistance solution – intelligentResponse. Introduced to the market in 2014, intelligentResponse has been further developed to solve such challenges, via its artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine, that provides a seamless experience for contact centres to provide virtual assistance; chatbots; automated calls; emails and social media services to their customers.

“One of the greatest strategic challenges in today’s complex customer service environment is deploying systems and processes that respect growing consumer expectations for intuitive self-service, while also leveraging live agents for the complex and unique customer interactions”, shares Paul White, Director of Customer Engagement, IFS Customer Engagement

“With this latest enhancement, we’ve added advanced voice recognition technology to provide intelligent voice self-service, which we expect to be an incredible asset in reducing call volumes. This technology isn’t just answering questions – it’s capable of automating common customer service tasks and provides a much-needed relief to the burden of repetitive, high volume agent tasks.”

Powering these enhanced capabilities is a natural language processing engine with the ability to identify, learn, and respond to a vast range of customer enquiries. This foundation enables intelligentResponse users to scale its capabilities as the breadth and depth of their operations grow and new types of interactions are identified.

The key differentiator for intelligentResponse, however, is that it fits seamlessly into existing contact centre channels, rather than as a standalone self-service, virtual assistance channel. Sitting at the front end of the customer journey, intelligentResponse performs a smart triage for customer service requests, identifying the purpose, context and customer for each request. It then intelligently routes the contact to the best place for resolution – whether it’s self-service, or the best skilled advisor within the business.

This empowers companies to take transactions like a simple request for a replacement product and fully automate them. It also offers the option of seamlessly escalating the query to an advisor if it becomes too complex. If passed to an agent, the full context of the conversation thus far, plus all relevant customer information, is delivered to their desktop, therefore allowing them to resolve the query efficiently, whilst simultaneously providing a high quality of customer service.

Alternatively, a complex product fault from a vulnerable customer could be routed immediately to a skilled advisor.

The organisations who’ve already deployed this technology are experiencing massive positive impacts on their customer service operations. In one instance, inbound email customer service requests were reduced by 30%, and peaked call centre volume fell to manageable levels. Other organisations are experiencing improved first contact resolution, reduced headcount expenses, and increased customer satisfaction ratings. Now poised to take their solution to the world stage, IFS-mplsystems is excited to lead the way for customer service providers who want to create better customer experiences and maximise the strategic value of their contact centres.

Additional Information

IFS Customer Engagement provides a complete solution to transform the contact centre: combining omni-channel contact technology with Customer Service CRM software in a single, uniquely configurable, AI-powered agent desktop. By bringing together disparate sources of data from multiple systems, our software solves complex customer service and support issues. Benefiting from a 360-degree view of the customer on one screen alongside all contact channels, your advisors can deliver customer engagement seamlessly, whilst simultaneously banking productivity gains.

Make every customer your best customer, with intelligent, personalised service delivery and management.

To learn more about intelligentResponse, and how IFS Customer Engagement are innovating the ways in which companies use artificial intelligence to deliver incredible customer experiences visit their Website

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