Awaken Intelligence Announces Release of Awaken CoPilot

Awaken Intelligence, the market leader in agent guidance solutions for the contact centre, is excited to announce the release of their real-time agent assist software solution, Awaken CoPilot.

Awaken CoPilot, which is powered by Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI capabilities, is a secure and easy-to-use real-time assistant that automates repetitive tasks and improves the agent’s ability to manage complex customer interactions.

Awaken CoPilot can listen and transcribe interactions, understand and analyse multiple intents, identify entities and use these to alert and coach the agent, plus, summarise conversations, and enable the agent to ask it questions based on the interaction and get human-like responses, collated directly from the interaction data.

When combined with Awaken’s other guidance solutions (Automated Desktop, Dynamic Scripting, Translation, Systems Connectivity etc.) a truly powerful and unique agent guidance solution emerges. One that can save 70% of agent training time during onboarding, improve agent retention by 50%, and improve customer satisfaction scores by 50%.

Geouffrey Erasmus, Awaken CTO, commented,

“We’ve built a unique proposition for our customers that combines the power of AI with our traditional strengths, such as a single desktop and agnostic system access.

We’ve purposefully waited to ensure Generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, are secure enough so we can continue to provide enterprise-grade security for our clients.”


Awaken CEO, Simon Black, said,

“This is an exciting product release for our customers. It brings together everything we’ve learnt over the years to offer a truly compelling guidance solution for agents. One that guides them through complex interactions, automates repetitive tasks, and allows them to focus solely on servicing the customer.”




At Awaken Intelligence we’re pioneers of innovative and flexible software to help you see the complete picture for your contact centre.

With our leadership team’s contact centre experience spanning decades, we know the challenges you face, and we understand that every business has different pressure points at different times.

We’ve taken our direct experience in contact centre leadership working with rigid and expensive software that didn’t perform as needed and developed technology that can be deployed as individual modules or as a complete platform. Our software is cost-effective and will seamlessly integrate with your legacy systems without any disruptions to your agent or customer experience.

For additional information on Awaken Intelligence visit their Website

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