Enghouse Interactive Delivers Effortless Customer Engagement With Mobile IVR Navigator

Smartphone and Tablet Application Navigates Users Seamlessly
through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Process

enghouse.interactive.logo.2014Enghouse Interactive has announced the launch of Mobile IVR Navigator. This innovative new mobile app visually navigates customers through an organisation’s customer service options, effectively creating a lightweight, highly-visual IVR-like experience.

The new framework makes mobile apps extremely easy to create and deploy, reducing costs, customer effort and frustration.
Built on top of the company’s robust and fully-featured IVR platform, Enghouse Interactive Communication Portal, the Mobile IVR Navigator takes a standard voice IVR workflow and presents it visually to the mobile phone user via their screen. This enables customers to see the menus and prompts instantly rather than having to wait to hear them, allowing them to tap their way quickly through the menu levels, thereby reducing the overall interaction cycle time.

The application allows users to enter transaction details such as account number and date of birth, enabling them to quickly get access to the information they need through self-service, or to rapidly gain a place in a queue for an agent with the necessary skills to address their needs. Customer satisfaction is enhanced by the solution’s user-friendly hold process which provides agent availability status updates throughout the interaction.

enghouse.interactive.anthony.stephenson.image.2014“Customers today increasingly want and expect to make use of ‘anytime, anywhere’ technology which enables them to contact businesses when they want and by whatever means they choose,” says Anthony Stephenson, Product Director, Enghouse Interactive. “Mobile IVR Navigator facilitates this on their smartphones, allowing customers to get what they need from the process as quickly as possible while keeping call times and costs to a minimum.”

Mobile IVR Navigator further reduces customer call times by capturing key information prior to any actual engagement between agent and caller and by allowing the caller and agent to share documents and pictures prior to this stage of the process.

Mobile IVR Navigator also helps drives efficiencies for businesses by enabling customer calls to be fielded interactively with user-friendly self-service and thereby reducing the number of calls that ultimately reach the contact centre. When live interaction is required, customers can request an immediate callback to the mobile device, saving them time and shaving valuable minutes off mobile transactions.

Equally, it enables businesses to make optimum use of their IVR platform, allowing them to use the same capacity to manage mobile navigation interactions and where required self-service voice calls. Because mobile interaction is not queued on the more expensive telephony port, business users can add mobile navigation without increasing the voice capacity on the IVR platform.

Mobile IVR Navigator can be seamlessly integrated into the customer’s business environment and features enhanced integration, in particular with back office systems. While it can be sold as a standalone solution, if required, the application can also be tightly integrated into the broader Enghouse Interactive contact centre suite.

For additional information see Enghouse Interactive’s Company Profile

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