Company Profile: CardEasy

CardEasy the Secure, PCI DSS compliant payment solution for contact centres

Whether your customers choose to pay over the telephone or via a digital channel such as email, SMS or web chat, CardEasy provides a simple, secure and cost effective payment solution that will protect your customers and de-scope your contact center environment from PCI DSS.

Offering seamless integration with your existing telephony and IT infrastructure, CardEasy significantly reduces the risks and costs associated with managing card payment transactions in your contact centres, whilst improving your customer’s experience and trust.

CardEasy removes the risk of payment card fraud within your contact centre by preventing your contact center agents from hearing or seeing payment card data, automatically blocking it from your screen and call recording (without the need for a pause/resume function) and preventing it from entering your contact center systems and networks.

Our patented technology creates a secure payment environment for payments handled over the phone, self-service IVR, email, webchat, SMS, social media or even via video calls.


Company Profile: CardEasy

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