Future of Secure Omni-Channel Payments in Post-Pandemic World

The future of secure omni-channel payments in a post-pandemic world – Contact Centre White paper Download from CardEasy

This research updates CardEasy’s 2018 white paper De-scoping from PCI DSS in Contact Centres by reviewing the current state of play regarding consumers’ attitudes to card payments by phone and assessing how these have changed over the last few years, particularly taking into account the ongoing effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic and how that has changed consumer behaviour.

CardEasy  conducted this ‘state of the industry’ research regularly since 2014. This latest update comes at a time of huge upheaval and change for contact centres. The pandemic has been a real game changer in several different ways so this is the ideal time to look back at what’s changed from the perspective of both consumers and industry experts and consider the extent to which these changes might be permanent and what their ongoing effect on the industry is likely to be.



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Syntec’s CardEasy solution enables you to take card payments in your contact centres and by remote workers without the customer’s card details ever entering your own environment or systems. Whether you take payments by phone or via digital channels such as e-mail, SMS  webchat or social media, you can’t be at risk of a breach of the card payment data because you’ll no longer be privy to that data – and you will also be seen to have adopted ‘appropriate technical measures’ to be compliant, as required by the PCI DSS standards.  And most importantly, you won’t be faced with the never-ending task of trying to keep that very sensitive customer data secure.

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