55% of Customers Can’t Remember Having a Successful Customer Experience

sdl-logo.2015SDL Report confirms that 55% of Customers Can’t Remember Having a Successful Experience [Infographic]

The customer experience is one of the most important parts of the online shopping experience. Customers are increasingly social with your brand, and we know a satisfied customer is much more likely to become an advocate. But what about when it all goes wrong? SDL, a British software company, examined the aftermath of bad customer experiences in an infographic.

SDL surveyed nearly 3,000 customers in nine countries to find out more about their customer service experiences. 76 percent of survey participants say their worst customer service happened within the last two years. 55 percent couldn’t remember a single success.

According to the study, customer service failures happened during all stages of the buying process. one-in-five failures happened pre-purchase, one-in-three happened post-sale. Unfortunately, 17 percent of customer experience fails occurred at the first point of engagement with the brand; six percent of repeat customers reported major experience failures.

Most of these failures were service and process related and had nothing to do with the product. 35 percent of the survey respondents experienced poor response times, and when they did get help, 30 percent said the employee they contacted was poorly trained. 31 percent said the employee they spoke too wasn’t empowered to help. 29 percent of customers received inaccurate or conflicting information when they did talk to customer service representatives.

Despite these challenges, customers do try to make the relationship between themselves and the brand work. According to the report, 82 percent try to resolve the issue with the brand. If the resolution process fails, only one-in-five consider coming back; 59 percent of those who do return will be less loyal.

In the event of customer experience failures, 66 percent of customers will stop recommending the brand. 30 percent will start looking at competitors, and 12 percent will begin posting negative messages about the brand on social media.

To see top tips on how to avoid bad customer service, or to see what customers really want in the event of a failure, view the infographic below.

sdl.infographic.2015For additional information see the SDL Website

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