ICMI Report: How to Create a Flawless Call Centre Customer Experience

icmi.logo.2015ICMI Report; ICMI have released a contact centre whitepaper ‘Insider Perspectives on Removing the Roadblocks to an Effortless Customer Experience’. Sponsored by Genesys and Zendesk, the research calls on the unique insider perspectives of key stakeholders to envision the exemplary call centre experience.

ICMI proves the dramatic results that are possible when organisations align their mission, vision and values with the needs and expectations of both their customers and employees. However, this isn’t an easy task given the complexity of today’s call centres – with more channels to manage than ever before, increased customer expectations, and a need for a highly knowledgeable frontline workforce.

icmi.justin.robbins.image.2015 Justin Robbins, Senior Analyst for ICMI, said,

“Providing an effortless customer experience isn’t impossible, it just means that you need to be ready to handle whatever comes your way,”

“Creating an effortless customer experience comes from a deep understanding of where the barriers exist, and how to replace them with processes that create value.”

ICMI’s research exposes the expectations and needs of core stakeholders and outlines steps to remove barriers. The report provides detailed perspectives for each:

–  The Customer: Wants service when they want it, how they want it, and they do not want to worry about it once they have it.

–  The Agent: Wants clearly defined expectations that make sense and are designed to avoid burnout, and the tools, knowledge, and resources required to fulfil them.

–  The Organisation: Wants cost efficient service that maximizes revenue.

“In many cases, cost efficiency is a direct result of customer and agent satisfaction,” said Robbins. “And further, happiness of the agent correlates to the happiness of the customer – so imagine the potential if every contact centre agent had the resources to provide a perfect experience.”



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