Contact Centres Spend £2.4bn Authenticating Customers

UK contact centres spend £2.4bn per year authenticating customers – The average length of time taken to identify and authenticate a telephone customer has risen by 91% since 2010, costing UK businesses over £2.4bn per year.

The pressure to protect customers’ personal and payment details has never been stronger, with massive fines and the damage to the company’s reputation on the line for those that get it wrong.

“The Inner Circle Guide to Fraud Reduction & PCI Compliance (2024)” contains up-to-date research and findings on:

• What PCI DSS v.4.0 means for contact centres
• Analysis of the use and effectiveness of 13 payment card fraud solution types
• Methods and costs involved with PCI compliance
• Managing the human element to payment card fraud
• Customer authentication costs and techniques
• The role of voice biometrics and call signalling analysis in customer authentication and verification
• Where do the real fraud threats come from?



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