Messaging vs. Chat – What’s the Difference?

Messaging vs. Chat – What’s the Difference?

webio.banner.jan.2017The customer communications landscape is changing with the shifting of power from business to customers. Let’s face it, with this rapid pace of change business is struggling to keep up. With the addition of new channels and the demise or decline in usage of others, getting to grips with what customers want and how they want to engage with you is a challenge.

In this 20 minute webinar, we will focus on the growth of web chat and messaging. Two channels somewhat similar in the experience they provide, but drastically different in uptake and the value they can deliver to the business and in particular the contact centre.

We will cover:

1. Web chat vs messaging the reality.
2. The untapped opportunity of asynchronous conversations.
3. How to maximise engagement across the customer journey and which channels work best.
4. How many conversations can be managed with less Agents.
5. Where AI is playing its part, even at the simplest level.

Join us on:
Date: Friday January 20th 2017
Time: 10:30 GMT
Duration: 20 mins


webio.logo.jan.2017Additional Information

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