Storacall Server Virtualisation Reduces Data Centre Costs

Server Virtualisation: Many organisations are already turning to server virtualisation to reduce data centre costs, optimise infrastructure and improve availability and business continuity.

storacall.virtualisation.july.2016Storacall ST call recording can easily be installed on virtual machines, making it an excellent recording solution for VoIP users.

Storacall offers high-availability support for the leading virtualisation solutions, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. Our web-based solution enables hosted operating systems and applications to be used in remote locations, with central management and administration.

This technology has an immediate impact on both current and prospective customers by minimizing investment in physical hardware by capitalizing on clients’ existing infrastructure as well as reducing costs on facilities, power, hardware, simplified administration and maintenance as well as providing a greener IT profile.

Storacall-ST has been developed by Storacall using Microsoft development & application environment with a distributed Realms architecture and because of it’s modular design capitalising on existing familiar IT infrastructure, it is easy to meet evolving needs, including expanding capacity or adopting new technologies. Storacall ST is designed to provide solutions in challenging environments including call centres and customer support operations and is particularly suited to multi site applications.

Additional Information

storacall.logo_.20141Storacall Voice Systems Ltd, based in Sunbury on Thames, England and is a member of The Storacall Group established in 1969. It is a major supplier with it’s partners to the government, utilities, retail, financial, manufacturing and service sectors in the UK and around the world.

Storacall offers a suite of innovative recording and live agent coaching technologies ranging from 2 to 1000’s of channels for organizations of all sizes. Storacall voice recording offers a high capacity recording solution covering multiple mixed and complex communications environments utilising TDM, VoIP and radio along with quality management and call data analytics all recorded and stored to comply with regulatory and compliance requirements.

Storacall’s range of professional software applications and their ability to integrate with most industry standard applications allows you total control on how our technology works for your business. Storacall solutions focus on agent/customer interaction and use standard off-the-shelf technology, providing low cost of ownership.

For additional information on Storacall virtualisation or the range of Storacall ST call recording solutions contact the Storacall sales team on 01932 710710 or visit their Website

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