mplsystems – 45% of Callers are happy to stay on hold

According to the latest study conducted by global research consultancy TNS, 45% of British consumers are willing to wait on hold for over a minute on the phone to businesses.


The study, that involved 1000 consumers, found that women are considered more patient than men – over 50% of women were prepared to wait on hold compared to 38% of men.

Research also revealed that only 38% of those aged 55 to 64 years old would wait more than a minute on the phone, compared to nearly 50% of 35-40 years olds.

Geographical location also has a contributing factor with Scottish callers being the most patient, and Londoners being the least willing to spend more than a minute on hold.

This being said, the study does reveal that the majority of British consumers are still not happy about being kept on hold for a long period. Whether it is a couple of seconds or a few minutes, customers being put on hold can result in reduced customer satisfaction.

One way to compact this problem is by hiring more staff…however this can be costly.

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