GDPR is actually a Customer Experience Opportunity!

Worried about GDPR?

Use Infinity CCS’s Guide to get compliant and at the same time build a Single Customer View to deliver powerful omnichannel customer experiences

Like many you might be worried about the fast-approaching GDPR deadline day of 25th May, and unsure of exactly what to do to become compliant.

Well don’t panic – we’ve put together a handy guide showing you exactly what you need to do with your data, and what processes you need in place.

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But there’s more …Transform your CX too

GDPR is also an opportunity to transform your data, your business, and your customer experiences.

And that’s because the steps you need to take now for GDPR are the same ones you need to take to create the “Single Customer View” of your data that is the starting point for omnichannel.

Imagine the power of being able to deal with your customers over multiple channels as unique individuals with wants, needs, and a history with your company, rather than via a series of unrelated interactions.

In our experience companies deploying a Single Customer View alongside agent desktop and workflow solutions that eliminate data siloes see on average a 20% boost in productivity as well as improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty rates.

So it makes sense to get ready for GDPR and transform relationships with your customers at the same time … and the guide shows you how.

We’d love to talk through your GDPR and Single Customer View plans, so feel free to get in touch on 0121 450 7830 or email.

All the best,

Geoff Land

Managing Director
Infinity CCS Ltd

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