honeybee and Capita Join to Transform Contact Centres

honeybee, a pioneering software platform that transforms customer and colleague sales journeys, has today announced a 3-year partnership with Capita, the UK’s leading provider of business process outsourcing.


The honeybee digital sales platform has been developed with years of operational expertise at its core, with both the customer and call centre agent in mind. The partnership will allow Capita to reinvent customer and call centre experiences within the contact centres, equipping its agents with the tools to help them sell more efficiently and build deeper relationships with customers via the phone.

Capita will be deploying honeybee as part of their Voice platform supporting their contact centre agents and clients.  The partnership will commence with deployments across three of Capita’s largest UK clients, starting from August 2017, with the aim to speed up average call handling times, raise Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and deliver higher levels of sales conversions.

Simplifying and streamlining the sales process, honeybee is a unique software platform that allows businesses to combine powerful analytics tools with traditional call centre processes, to help agents lead customers through efficient, bespoke sales journeys, ultimately providing them with the product most suitable to their needs.

For call centre agents, this means a system that is easy to understand and quick to master, allowing training times and average call handling times to be significantly shortened. And with real-time updates, agents can also offer customers a more responsive service, without being tied down to clunky or outdated scripts.

This digital approach to telephone selling also brings all the data and analytics benefits of online sales to the call centre for the first time. Thanks to honeybee’s low code and flexible platform, organisations can react quickly to changing market dynamics addressing the latest trends and customer demands by updating their sales journeys in real-time and without the need for expensive, time-consuming developer management.

capita.logo.2014Mike Barnard, Executive Director at Capita, said:

“For businesses, the customer experience is everything. Ensuring that our customers can deliver the best-possible experience is imperative, and we believe that honeybee represents an important opportunity in using technology to create a revolutionary contact centre journey that will improve the experience of customers and colleagues alike.”

honeybee.solutions.image.logo.2017Graham Stapleton, CEO, honeybee, commented:

“Partnering with Capita is an enormously exciting prospect. As one of the biggest names in customer service, it is a business that understands the important work to be done in using digital-thinking to transform the contact centre industry.

With Capita’s pedigree, and honeybee’s innovative solution, we can offer businesses significant improvement in the way they engage and interact with customers.”

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