Who Can you Really Trust with your Contact Centre Tech?

Trust is a rare commodity in these days of ‘fake news’, dodgy diesel emissions and less-than-honest social media profiles. But trust is essential for business … especially when it relates to the smooth-running of your contact centre systems.

eckoh.trust.image.oct.2017Which professions do you trust?

Whenever the British public gets asked this question, the same professionals always seem to come top. Nurses, doctors and teachers led the way in the UK in the most recent Ipsos Mori Veracity Index, with estate agents, journalists and politicians down in the basement as usual.[1]

But surveys rarely feature jobs such as postal workers, taxi drivers and tattoo artists — though each has the potential to mess up our lives in serious ways.

Then there are other professions where life can be unremarkable 99.9% of the time but peppered with moments of high drama when trust is everything. Pilots, oil workers and Premier League referees only really get noticed when things go badly.

And it’s in the last category where you could add another group of group of workers — the systems experts that support your contact centre. When contact centre technology goes wrong, agents fume, customers suffer, your corporate reputation nosedives and profitability takes a hit.

Three key moments when trust really counts

It’s only at critical moments when you find out whether your contact centre technical support is good enough. Times likes these…

Critical moment #1: When vendor support ends

When a vendor announces the end of support for a contact centre system, application or enhancements then a chill can blow through your environment. If your business isn’t ready to give in to their compulsion to upgrade then you could be faced with losing the official support you’ve relied on for years — or pay a fortune for extended cover. Often, being a loyal customer counts for nothing, as the vendor waves goodbye. What you need is expert support that continues until you actually want to upgrade — when it makes sense for your business.

Critical moment #2: When customers demand more

Customer expectations are soaring. But do your agents have the tools to keep people satisfied? The best technical support experts won’t just take care of system availability — you can trust them to actually squeeze the maximum functionality out of your existing technology for the minimum cost. There’s a surprising amount that can be done, even with older systems.

Critical moment #3: When you decide to upgrade

Migrations can be fraught with technical complexity and unpleasant surprises, delays, risks and costs. For example, there’s no certainty your new system will fit exactly into the place of the old one. And how will you carry across the nuances of the old system onto the new one? But these important issues can be handled properly — if you have a support team on board that truly understands every technology, old and new, and how it all integrates. Then you know you’re in safe hands.

How can I get the right support?

The best way to get through these business-critical issues safely and successfully is to switch to a third-party support partner that can offer something better — outperforming vendor support and often saving you 30% or more into the bargain.

But how can you choose the right partner? To find out, download How to find support you can trust that is loyal, alert & responsive.

This guide explores the changing landscape of contact centre technologies and challenges that today’s companies now face — especially when vendors axe official support for their systems. In particular, read the section on the ’10 essential qualities to validate in a support partner’.



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