Contact Centre Jobs up for Grabs at Shine Sunderland

shine.image.2015More than 800 contact centre jobs will available at a recruitment Fair, Shine Sunderland, which allows jobseekers to demonstrate their potential to more than 10 employers in one day.

Shine Sunderland, which takes place on February 12 at the Stadium of Light, will see pre-assessed candidates taking part in a range of assessments to show off their abilities, with the potential for a job at the end.

The event, which also includes a traditional job fair, is being organised by recruitment and training specialist CCP, with support from Sunderland City Council.

CCP chief executive, Shona Harper, said: “At a traditional recruitment fair, people come in and wander around but this is a much more efficient way for employers to recruit and for candidates to find jobs. It turns the traditional process on its head.”

The Sunderland event will be the second in a planned series of Shine showcases.

Ms Harper added: “If candidates were to apply individually to each of those employers it would take a long time. Similarly, it would take a very long time for those employers to assess that many people through the normal recruitment process.

“This is a very efficient method, and the feedback from candidates has been superb; some people received four or five expressions of interest.”

Sunderland City Council leader, Cllr Paul Watson, said: “I’m delighted that the City Council is partnering with CCP to run this fantastic event. Sunderland is known for the strength of its candidates in the contact centre and customer services sectors, and Shine gives jobseekers a real opportunity to find a suitable role much more efficiently than if they used the traditional channels.

“The city remains one of the world’s leading locations for contact centre companies, and the robust performance of underland-based companies relies on having a talented, adaptable workforce.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the extra jobs Shine Sunderland will create for Sunderland’s economy.”

The contact centre industry is one of Sunderland’s biggest sectors, employing around 14,000 people.

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