Guide to Improving your Contact Centre Net Promoter Score

For most UK organisations, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) remains the primary method of measuring customer satisfaction.

Share analysts, CEO’sand executive teams are all starting to take notice, understanding the clear relationship between a customer’s likelihood to recommend a bright.nps.image.sep.2017brand and their propensity to remain loyal and increase their spend.

So, why do so many companies struggle to increase their NPS score and more importantly quantify its value?

Our research showed us that top performing companies with the highest NPS scores all understand the links between Operational, employee and customer insight and they monitor and manage this data holistically.

Over the past 10 years Bright has worked with numerous organisations helping them improve their customer experience by using a combination of data insight, market leading technology and a hands-on approach to operational management. We think our stats speak for themselves.

Through addressing a combination of issues derived from our voice of customer solution, and correlating it with contact centre employee feedback and performance metrics, in 2017 we have been able to help clients improve NPS by an average of 75% after 9 months.

In this paper, we share our top 8 tips on how to achieve this.

The paper is aimed at anyone in customer experience with an interest in customer care, especially those who are looking to drive real operational and financial value from a NPS programme.


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