Altitude Software Provides Cost-Effective IP Communications Software have announced the worldwide availability of Altitude vBox 5, an enterprise-grade SIP server optimized to deploy, upgrade or extend next-generation contact centres.

“Altitude vBox has been winning market recognition as a free, open and reliable SIP server software designed for contact centres’ business needs” states Miguel Lopes, Marketing Vice President at Altitude Software. “Altitude vBox 5 new architecture scales up to thousands of users, while specifically optimized for contact centre usage. It now helps improve the customer experience with features such as click-to-call and integrated recording.”

Altitude vBox is based on open-source Asterisk optimized for usability, performance, fault tolerance, scalability and direct integration with Altitude uCI™. It turns any regular computer into a feature-rich unified communications server. Together with Altitude uCI interaction management solution suite, Altitude vBox offers a turnkey solution that enables organizations to implement a next generation contact centre with a very low total cost of ownership.

Altitude vBox features include:

• A complete VoIP ACD with strong multichannel contact centre features support;
• Optional embedded softphones improve agent experience;
• Least cost routing and easy click-to-call convenience for customers, including those using Skype into the contact centre;
• New coaching and recording functionalities, improving customer service and first call resolution;
• High system scalability, reliability and availability through clustered architecture and new preventive maintenance tools;
• Easy to use Web-based management GUI.

Altitude vBox centralises contact centre management at large pharma wholesaler

Recently, to improve contact centre communications management, one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Europe selected the Altitude uCI solution with the Altitude vBox, benefiting from a solution that unified the management of all interactions in channels that included video, voice (inbound, outbound, blended) and IVR/Voice Portal. The Altitude vBox enabled the company to centralize communications management for its call centres and remote agents at one site, build in redundancy and have a disaster recovery solution.

Altitude vBox installations can start with just a few users and grow to address large organization´s specific needs, adding features and functionalities along the way. Together with Altitude uCI it is a complete solution that guarantees a fast contact centre implementation and a smooth transition to VoIP. True to Altitude Software’s “Freedom of Choice” commitment, Altitude vBox’s open architecture integrates with existing contact center solutions and preserves investments in traditional systems, while providing a platform for future applications.

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