NICE Launch Omni-channel Recording Platform Engage 6.5

NICE Introduces First Truly Omni-channel Recording Platform with Engage 6.5

nice.engage.image.july.2016The latest release of NICE’s leading recording platform helps organisations gain deeper business insights across all channels, including chat and Skype for Business, for improved customer experience and compliance

NICE have announced a set of enhancements to NICE Engage, making it the first truly omni-channel interaction recording platform in the market. With the latest release, global contact centres can benefit from improved regulatory compliance, enhanced and comprehensive business insights, and a seamless customer experience.

The NICE Engage upgrade addresses the needs of the omni-channel contact centre – from the customer to the compliance officer – providing a better understanding of interaction context across multiple channels. By adapting quality management and analytics tools to digital interactions, such as chat, video, email, and social media, NICE Engage provides organisations the ability to simultaneously improve the customer experience and expand compliance practices. Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group, commented,

“Organisations are continually adding both self-service and assisted service channels in order to meet customers’ expectations and improve their experience,” 

“NICE Engage has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch, and the current enhancements enable organisations to manage today’s omni-channel experience in the most comprehensive manner possible, ensuring the delivery of efficient and effective customer service in a manner which delights consumers.”

In addition to providing a single, highly scalable platform for all channels, NICE Engage 6.5 further reduces total cost of ownership and improves efficiency with the following new capabilities:

Additional channels, including Skype for Business and chat interactions, and video recording enhancements

– Improved quality management workflow, with easier supervisor access to employee evaluations

– Interface redesign and improved usability

– Multi-language and organisation-specific jargon support

– Do-it-yourself approach which enables maximum flexibility and customisations



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