Bright UK launches new Voice of Customer analytics features

“Like speech analytics but at a fraction of the cost”

Bright announces new features to its product Bright Navigator, giving clients:

• Automatic transcription of customer verbatim

Converting recorded customer comments to text, enabling instant data mining as well as feedback to front line staff creating a self-correcting environment.

• Instant alerts based on C-SAT scoring and text mining and retention teams receive instant notifications of customers being unhappy or threatening to leave (driven by any phrases or survey scoring they choose to monitor). As well as allowing automatic forwarding to other departments of customer feedback about issues outside the customer service operations. One client said, “It is giving us speech analytics type features at a fraction of the cost”.

Bright has previously shown evidence that improving service delivery can increase customer advocacy by 20-30%. With a key being “Voice of the Customer” programmes; sharing customer feedback with advisors on what makes customers happy or not. By putting these programmes in place for clients, and also measuring customer spend for the customers surveyed, they have also proved average company sales increases by up to 10%.

bright.mats.smilingMats Rennstam, Managing Director of Bright UK comments:

“These tweaks further strengthen the ability companies have to improve the customer experience delivered by front line staff. It also enables automatic feedback to other departments creating dissatisfaction, thus driving down the number of irate calls to the centres, for example about deliveries not turning up, web sites not working, product faults etc. Many clients consider speech analytics solutions for this functionality but cannot afford spending 100’s of thousands of pounds. The Bright way takes down the investment to a tenth of this.”

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